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Professional workweeks keep getting longer and many of us have more than one job. This might be a full-time position and freelancing on the side. Or two jobs just to keep up with the rising costs of living. This leaves us constantly connected often working weekends and before and after work hours.

Personal lives can take us well into the evenings and with increasingly competitive extracurricular activities, even kid’s schedules are busier than ever. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to get much of the day-to-day essentials done. This goes beyond hiring a cleaning company to a growing desire for on-demand solutions for almost every area of life.

There have always been courier companies and personal assistants that can perform a variety of pre-scheduled and last-minute errands, but they aren’t flexible or cost-effective. For example, you may not require a set number of hours per week or may be looking for a 24-hour as-needed solution.

Rideshare programs were the first on-demand consumer app and were the catalyst for a true emerging industry of which we are only at the tip of the iceberg. Next up was delivering food by partnering with restaurants that don’t have their own food delivery service, followed by apps to take loved ones who can’t drive to the doctor and pets to the vet. While innovative and effective, these apps require a different provider for each type of service.

The newest generation provides multiple on-demand services in one app. Use the same app to drop off and pick up pets, drop off and pick up errands, purchase a gift then have it gift wrapped and delivered, pick up a key to be cut and drop it back off to you at work, deliver or have documents signed and returned, pickup groceries and retail purchases, pick up same-day ecommerce purchases, and more!

Time is money so the convenience that these solutions provide deliver a variety of personal and professional benefits:

· Improve quality of life by minimizing stress

· Delegate to-do list tasks that don’t have to be performed by you

· Boost operational efficiency

· Fill last-minute gaps in staffing

· Minimize bottlenecks

· Boost sales by expanding delivery options

· And more

On-demand apps are a win/win as they create new and flexible job opportunities while supporting our increasingly time-strapped lives.

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