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Corona (COVID-19) : Controversial Masterpiece by China?

It has now been long enough that the world has been fighting the deadly virus namely COVID-19 and all we know about the origin is that it was wuhan,China that witnessed the first case and was locked down for the same reason too.

Coronaviruses are enveloped RNA viruses that cause respiratory illnesses of varying severity from the common cold to fatal pneumonia. COVID-19 is third after SARS-CoV(2002) and MERS-CoV(2012).

COVID-19 Raises a few questions in the mind of people and legitimate ones too, thus gives rise to the thought of China's master-plan of controlling the World Economy.


  • COVID-19 Travelled the whole world from Wuhan but couldn't reach Shanghai or Beijing?

  • China recovered so easily with minimal casualties and the countries like US and in whole of Europe can't find a way out even being way superior in health sector?

  • Wuhan is back at normal open for Business when the rest of the world stands still!

  • Chinese stock markets are well and good but American and European ones are getting wrecked.


  1. Making a virus and spreading it as a weapon.(BIO-WARFARE)

  2. Having the antidote ready too beforehand so that it doesn't turnout to be a real disaster for their own nation and superficially showing their efficiency by building up medical aids in record time as they were already prepared.(Remember nothing happened in Beijing or Shanghai?)

  3. Creating chaos all round the globe, causing a Standstill in global Production .

  4. Getting cheaper Raw material, as the demand decreases prices also go low so Raw material like Crude oil etc would be bought by China at cheaper prices.

  5. China on the exporting front would take full advantage by selling the essential medical equipment on high prices to the paralysed nations evident by the recent deal with Spain.(312 Million Euros)

  6. Buying all the stocks at cheaper rates as the stock markets are falling apart.

So this surely does seem like a huge Chinese Masterplan which is working till date to perfection but then there are the whistle blowers from China itself who claim China's hiding the real numbers of the people affected and is suffering itself as well so what do we believe? Well the upcoming days surely are really important considering the events taking place , the affects of Corona are now visible in India as well , steep increase can be seen in the cases . keeping everything in mind lets hope for the best and for this nightmare to end soon. I'll try to keep you all updated on the same.


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