What is Disney+Hotstar offering?

Disney launched it's streaming app Disney+ on November 12, 2019. It's content will be streaming on Hotstar in India. Every movie produced by Disney will be available on Disney+Hotstar. The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars and many more entertaining content is available.

Being a Star Wars fan, I was disapointed by sequels like Rise of Skywalker. After watching The Mandalorian, I am sure Star Wars Universe is in right direction.

Disney+Hotstar has been launched in India on April 3 2020 and The Mandalorian is available.

The Mandalorian (played by Pedro Pascal) is a bounty hunter searching the green baby popularly known as Baby Yoda. Talking about baby Yoda, you might recognize him from social media. The series contains thrilling adventures of Mando and how his life changes after capturing his bounty. Baby Yoda is the main highlight of series.

I've watched Star Wars series more that once but they're nothing closer to what Mandalorian offers. The series has magnificent production quality. The action scenes, VFX quality, background score, dialogues everything is perfect.

If you're searching the green cute baby, like Mando; you'll find him in this series.

I personally loved the aura that Mando carried. I will definitely recommend you to watch this.

The plot of the series does not depend on the previously released Star Wars movies and only has minor connection to them. Therefore, The Mandalorian is the perfect series to begin with.

Star Wars fan or not, The Mandalorian is the best thing Disney+Hotstar is offering.

Annual subscription is available on Rs 399 and the upcoming Marvel Originals will be releasing only on Disney+Hotstar. Therefore, it's worth it.

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