• harshita Verma

Why every entrepreneur or brand should share their story with their target audience

People only remembers you if you’re one of a kind to fill the requirements of a perfect ideal, but what are those qualities that define a layman from an entrepreneur? what becomes the voice of a product as a brand. There are thousands of brands out there trying to speak up but what makes your brand convince and tell your audience about the importance of owning a true particular unique vision.

There are thousands of stories behind every meal you serve or a cab you took this morning what makes them a multi-billion-dollar international company from scratch.

If you have passion, love and greed for doing something towards your work that makes you do wonders like how the founder of Paytm Mr Vijay Shekhar Sharma who didn’t even know English at the beginning of his career but here he is as the youngest Indian billionaire or Mr Bhavish Aggarwal the CEO and co-founder of Ola cabs once said "Money is not a thing that wins the market it is experience".

To be a successful entrepreneur you need to have persistence, commitment, determination which describe your patience towards your goal like how Mr. Porinju veliyath a perfect example of “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about you don’t have to be pushed the vision pulls you."– Steve Jobs.

Porinju Veliyath who couldn’t even afford an education at the starting of his career now comes under the top billionaires of India. He started earning from a very small age with a salary of 1000 Rs. To follow his passion for the stock market he went to Mumbai and started working with Kotak Securities than Research analysts and fund manager in Parag Parikh securities. He even got bankrupted thrice in his career but he never looked back and never lost his wisdom. With such an enthusiastic spirit he started his own company – Equity Intelligence pvt.ltd in Kochi which provides portfolio management services, with all ups and downs he was being criticized for investing in a small company but with his courage"return speaks louder than words".

When you start thinking like an entrepreneur persistence, commitment and determination become the part of the life like how Colonel Harland Sanders the founder of our favourite food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken was rejected in 1009 restaurants has become a multi-billion-dollar international company. Sander never gave up, he knew his recipe was one of a kind and he went ahead with the same conviction as he used to have.

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