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Degrees and Education :- NOT SO RELATED!!

The times are changing and so should change the way we take degrees as measuring “unit” for education or intelligence.

The Covid-19 outbreak showed every student the real face of the education system in India.

A face much known to many but yet to experience themselves.

Before this crisis “Bihar board of education” was sort of mockery but this lockdown showed how every educational Institute is the same and how eventually examinations will have very little or rather no importance at all.

The online exams,The scan and send or loads of assignments for internal assessment etc.etc. In whatever way your university chose to conduct “EXAMS” it pretty much gave everyone a picture of how easy “copying” or rather “scoring” can be.

The recent UGC’s (university grants commission) take on how universities can conduct practical exams,vivas through skype or other apps for courses like M.phil , Ph.D proved that it (examination) has no direct relation with the actual knowledge of the person and hence it’s time to break the long Indian ideology or rather “paramparah” of comparing the number of degrees one has to their intellect and knowledge level.

The rat race of percentile would no longer matter to anyone ahead in time because of how easy it all has been made for everyone and how it is spoon fed.

All we as the younger generation of learners need to do is to “adapt” the new system.

We as Indians have been spoon fed for long and hence have been made habitual to “general classroom” learning. The recent initiative of Online classes showed how a “ learning method” can soon turn into meme material because of it simply being “different” from how we usually take it as and this thing happened in every second home.Based on my personal experience we really turned out to be nitpickers in this newlearning technique.

This made me see that the way adults take time to “get used” to things,so does young in India.

The new generation needs to take “technology” and “learning from technology” rather seriously and that doesn’t imply being limited to social media . Teachers or Professors need to go beyond giving work (or piles of it) which just involves copying and pasting and need to shift their focus on making it interactive and rather creative and should be based on enhancing the mindset and going beyond the box. This Covid-19 changed many things and according to me how we view the education system or how we get “educated”is definitely one.

A new study by Harvard University suggests some form of social distancing may be needed intermittently till 2022 ,so classroom teachings might have to wait.

The technology has been long evolved and thankfully it makes education no longer restricted to pcm, pcb, pcmb and the different limited intermix combinations ( you know like :- maths with commerce ,commerce without maths and with eco) bla. Bla that we have made or some of us even studied. Online courses offer a wide range of learning programs which are rather less expensive than the tuition fee we have been paying since the very 1st grade. They are quite different from what we have been studying till now and are even pragmatic in real lives (like digital marketing, languages, about tax, Entrepreneurship ) etc.

We need to grow beyond marks, degrees and ranks. Although we cannot unsee the fact that it plays a vital role and is crucial at certain levels but how we reach that level and how to study beyond requirement and for real challenges is what education primary was based upon. what we call “knowledge” and how we gain it with changing times is what’s more important and needed in upcoming years. Gone are those days when you as an individual would be judged on the basis of the number of degrees you have or where you even used to get a marriage proposal because of the same, you will still be judged but people might take better parameters.

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